Student Work, 2006
Design Critics: Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tunon
Carla Ceruzzi

This project proposes a marine research and ecotourism campus on the site of a defunct tuna fishery and ancient Roman Salinas in Cadiz, Spain. The land has been shaped by tides, wind, and erosion, and by is historical occupants. I wanted to reflect the cyclical history of this landscape by acknowledging the friction between architectural design and its material manifestation.
Through the project’s design process, I explored the relationship of material medium to architectural representation and design. I began by confining my work to a single material, woven fabric, to explore the ways that medium limits and influences architectural design.
From this material study, I developed a representation of the ground that became the site of my project. The grain and density of this site guided the design of small year-round pavilions within a seasonally occupied canopy.

Published in StudioWorks #12 (2007)

Roman salinas 


Textiles with one-way structure 

Model studies: grain

grain of program densities
Site studies: grain of program densities

Plan of north campus 

Site sections 

north campus
Model: north campus