Beginning with a simple structural logic, one column height and one beam length, this house re-orients the residential program into a vertical spiral. Each of the 7 floors is 4'-6" above the previous, creating a seemingly continuous interior with unobstructed views up, down, and out to the landscape. The views out change as one ascends the house, from the ground plane among the tree trunks to above the expansive canopy.
This house is just one project for the structural logic diagrammed below. The system has the potential to expand and meander without limits. The House of 7 Piles is simply a study of this systems minimums (at the scale of this project there must be at least 7 columns) and a revelation in its limitations (the small footprints must be stacked multiple times for both the program and lateral stability). Allowing the house to rise above the ground also eliminates the need for a traditional foundation, instead deploying 7 piles to support the entirety of the project.

Exterior view 

Site plan 

Structural logic 

Floor plans 

Interior view 

above the tree canopy
View from roof deck: above the tree canopy

Model photograph 

Model photograph 

Model photograph