East Boston racetrack Suffolk Downs is now competing for the Eastern Massachusetts gaming license in partnership with Caesar's Palace and various real-estate developers. Conversations to date between the casino team and the East Boston and Revere "host communities" have focused on potential mitigation packages without considering the fundamental question of whether a casino is desirable at all on this site. The architecture of the proposed casino complex has been presented as a foregone conclusion, effectively becoming another advertising graphic for the development.

In that spirit, C&MP is using architectural design as a means of joining this citywide conversation. C&MP's casino, "Coming Soon," is designed to occupy the three-story hole in Downtown Crossing where the old Filene's department store was demolished in 2008 to make room for a development that never happened.

Although no developer partners are involved yet, the proposal invites the city to reconsider both the siting of the proposed casino and the problem of the Downtown Crossing Site. "Coming Soon" explores architectural questions of context and mass in the urban setting while also using the language of architecture to speak up in a larger political debate.

loggia scaled up to public plaza
Project Diagram: loggia scaled up to public plaza

View from Franklin & Washington Sts 

Site Plan 

Gaming floors will be below grade
Site with excavated pit: Gaming floors will be below grade

View from underground casino 

Downtown Crossing
Proposed Coming Soon Site: Downtown Crossing

Orient Heights, East Boston
Proposed Suffolk Downs Site: Orient Heights, East Boston


From Washington Street 

Program Distribution
Axonometric:: Program Distribution

Project Pamphlet 

Project Pamphlet 

Axonometric Section 

Typical Lower-level Plan: Casino

Entry and Casino
First Lower-level Plan: Entry and Casino

Entry/Exit and Retail
Plaza Level Plan: Entry/Exit and Retail

Hotel Lobby and Resort Services
Level 4 Plan: Hotel Lobby and Resort Services

Typical Hotel Plan 

January 1, 2013
Banner posted on site: January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013
Coming Soon goes public: January 1, 2013