Building for Media: Rethinking the Public Library

Masters Thesis Harvard, 2007
Advisor: Ingeborg Rocker
Carla Ceruzzi

This student project considered the changing role of the public library in the digital age. Following research into media as both information-carriers and physical material, the project proposed a physical archive as the built counterpoint to the proliferation of digital information. The tectonic density of structural stacks became a sculptural material that the public space could push into and through. Proposing an information-based public realm for its suburban site, the building draws the streetscape in to the reading rooms and public areas, enveloping parking as a second scale of packed structure. The interface between the public realm and the stacks is a multilayered series of semipermeable skins wrapping in and out of the archive.



Site hydrology 

Land Use 

Site studies 


Concept studies 

Building organization studies 

Skin studies 

Occupiable skin 

Stacks and circulation 

program as structure
Stacks model: program as structure

Building model 

Plans: 1-3

Plans: 4-6

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